Electronic Coolant Control Valve

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Thermotion’s Electronic Coolant Control Valve consists of either a 2-port or 4-port bypass butterfly water valve powered by an electric actuator. The ECC controls coolant flow with an electrical signal. An integral position feedback potentiometer is included.

The ECC is ideal for use with a space-efficient HVAC system that eliminates the blend air temperature door and controls the discharge air temperature by modulating coolant flow to the heater core. This allows the heater and evaporator cores to be installed face to face, or the use of an integral heater/evaporator core to reduce the space requirements. In some assemblies, the required space can be reduced by as much as 55%.

4-Port Electronic Coolant Control Valve Download 4-Port Data Sheet
354-69494 5/8”




2-Port Electronic Coolant Control Valve Download 2-Port Data Sheet
354-69492 3/4”
354-69493 5/8





Control Module with Harness Download Control Module Data Sheet
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This advanced control module interfaces between Thermotion’s 2-Port or 4-Port Electronic Heater Control Valves and a 5KΩ potentiometer.

This control module provides precise control for the user, allowing for a wide range of control.


354-69515 Control Module with Wire Harness (Standard)

                        Designed for command and feedback pots to run on supply voltages of 12VDC or 24VDC.

354-69500 Control Module Runs on User Supplied Ref. Voltage (Custom)

                        Designed for command and feedback pots to run on a reference supply voltage supplied by the user.

354-65002 Wire Harness (with 2ft leads)